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About EEPA

Historical back ground of Eneredada Elder People Association
Eneredada Elders People Association has been established in 1997.G.C as an Ethiopian Resident charity association with a registration number of 0574 by a philanthropic motherly heart Ethiopian called Nigat Asfaw. She started the activity by feeding ten elders from her village by a financial resource got from the sell of seedlings that she has been producing at the back of her house. After sometimes passed, as the number of the elders becomes more and more, she managed to connect her activities to an international donor called Help age international that can secure sustainable provision of financial resource to feed and provide clothing for the elders. So she managed to register the association at the E.F.D.R justice minister as an association with a specific name “Eneredada” which is an Amharic word that can be translated in to English as to mean let’s help each other. The connotation behind is that as people gets older, it is not only the young generation that is going to help the older ones but also the older people has many things to help the young ones. Because as they are prospered with life experiences that can help the young ones as a reference for their lives in activities on which they are engaged in. The organization was established with a vision of creating a condition in which all older people and their family system become economically self sufficient, socially integrated so that they can lead a dignified, healthy and secured lives. It is very much concerned with the elevation of socio and economical problems that elder people and their family members faced.
The association started operating with a support secured from Help Age International by providing food, clothes and basic medical treatment at a house given by founder of the association found in Arada sub city, woreda 3 where it operates.
  Eneredada  is  an  organization with a firm  belief that any developmental activity of elders should include the participation of the elderly people in an income generating schemes, to increase the feeling of ownership of the project and strengthen the financial status and its sustainability as a whole.

So far the organization has been designed and involved elders in different income generating activities. Beneficiary elders are actively participating in the production of different traditional spices like pepper, Shiro, Berbere .They have also been involved in spinning of cotton, weaving and production of traditional cloth, rearing  sheep, provision of shower service, production and sell of modern charcoal and other related activities. All the products produced by the elders have been usually sold and become an income for the elders. Most of the products produced by the elders are found to have good quality that many customers visit the center for buying the products and even order for other time
The organization has been providing support for needy and destitute elderly people who have no family support with basic need items like food supply, clothing, psycho-social support, medical and income generation activity. The elders who are in need of the association’s support are selected on their status of being poorest of the poor and are selected with the help of the woreda’s social affairs biro workers. After they are selected, elders who can be engaged in different income generating  activities are organized as a group and as an individual entrepreneur and given with basic business training  and seed money for their business start up from  international and local donors, membership contribution, sales of goods produced by the elderly. Like traditional clothing like ‘Gabbi”, mats, spices like “Baltina” and the use of recycling of different used materials. The recycling materials includes used bottles, plastics and different used chairs ,woods metals which will be collected from different embassies and other places and which will be sold and become an income for the organization. This is considered as a donation from that organization for our association.