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Dear our website visitors,

Our association Eneredada has been established by a philanthropic motherly heart Ethiopian called W/ro Negat asfaw in 1997G.C. Starting from its establishment; we are striving for the betterment of and dignity of elders in our project areas. We do this not alone but with their own participation by which we identify elders who are able to be engaged in practical business activities that is going to be practiced in our day care center like weaving, spinning, production of mats, brooms and mops, preparation and sell of Ethiopian spices. And at their living environment after they are given basic business skill trainings, in a group or as an individual entrepreneur they are engaged in different income generating activities. And through all this our roll is provision of seed money and technical supports in their activities. We also have elders that stays at their homes on which we pay the house rent, and our volunteers cleans their residents, wash their bodies, and provide the prepared daily meal at our center.

As our Nobel Ethiopian culture, we also celebrate four national holidays with our elders. Above all what we gain is their blessings and good will that encourages and energizes us to work harder for achievement of the association’s objectives.

For our sustainability we have designed different ways by which you dear visitors also able to participate in. for instance, we are collecting any kind of recyclable materials like used papers, chairs,  metals, plastics, bottles, clothes for any size and other related materials. As we collect and give educational materials for grand children of elders you I would like to encourage you can send us any kinds of materials which you may think it is important for students. Where ever you are you are also very much appreciated and blessed if you become our association’s member by sending your membership fee through banks and your information through our email so that we can resend your ID card. Whether you are in Ethiopia or out of Ethiopia You can also be our volunteer contributing any sort of recourses which you may think it is usable for the association.