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Intervention Areas

Major Intervention Areas of EEPA

The following are activities which has been given since 1997G.C by the philanthropic Ethiopian motherly heart W/ro Nigat asfaw.

1 Social event

1.1 Invitation for lunch

It is believed that most of the poor and destitute older persons in Addis Ababa have either abandoned their families in rural areas to escape poverty or lost their children due to various reasons including HIV/ AIDS. As result, loneliness is one of the principal problems they are facing. For this EEPA facilitates lunch and socialization programs for target elders. Elders come and stays together having fun, coffee ceremonies, watching TV programs, and engage on the production of raw materials for hand crafts in spinning and making of different kinds of spices. This has a great advantage for elders to share idea with age mates, updated and strong enough with their psychological makeup.

Most of our elders were kept at home for the rainy season however as of they have started to spent their time socializing and engaging themselves under different kinds of developmental activities at the center. Moreover, they keep their personal and environmental hygiene while staying in the center. Those paid elders who are engaged in different kinds of handcrafts on the other hand come as usual and spend their time working in the center. Hence, coffee and lunch has been provided for them as usual. This really strengthened their social interaction and witnessed that elders are still productive enough if things are facilitated for them.



Elders in developmental activities and while taking lunch breakfast

Provision of food ration

There is a ration program consisting of 10kgs of flour, 2 liter of edible oil, 1/4kgs of salt and 2pc of soap facilitated for 100 (85 male & 15 female) disadvantaged and destitute target elders on a monthly basis. EEPA has been consistently providing such a support to marginalized groups like elders to keep their health in a good situation as well as to maintain their personal hygiene.

The importance of balanced nutrition as well as keeping personal and environmental hygiene were also tried to be aware both for the target groups and their family members.


. Elders while taking their monthly ration


3 Clothing per annum

            Destitute elder people have many problems; they are incapable of buying cloths as they are poor with their economy and or have no one to donate them. Due to this they are seen exposed of different kinds of sicknesses. Hence, to alleviate closing and related problems of destitute elder people with their family members, EEPA facilitates yearly provision of clothing communicating with potential charitable organizations and persons.

            Contributing towards this goal clothes from different philanthropic individuals have been collected in the reporting quarter and made an arrangement for distributing them directly to the elders and their grand children. One of our board members in line with has contributed a lot in collecting those used clothes.

            It is believed that clothes will be supported helps elders to keep them hygienic, boost their confidence and all over the above it will keep them healthy. Search for used clothes for distribution has also been strengthened communicating potential individuals and/or organizations especially those partner schools.


                                Elders while receiving clothes


4                Cover medical coast for those who are unable to get free health services or free medicines

5                    Elderly people are believed to be susceptible to different kinds of age related vulnerabilities; their level of poverty aggravates this situation. Hence, helping the poor to have access to health services is compulsory. For this, EEPA facilitates quarterly health check up communicating with different health institutions and professionals in the area. The organization further facilitates these disadvantaged elder people to have free medical treatment communicating with St. Joseph medical center. .


                         Picture showing elders getting dental treatment

6. Support for children and grand children of elders

As the children and grand children of beneficiary elders are economically dependent on them the association tries to full fill their need for clothing, educational materials and tutor service by volunteers.





Elders house maintenance

The association maintains the house of elders in need. Which means at the time of winters the roofs and walls of their houses needs to be maintained and sometimes total reconstruction is done.


    Before maintenance                   after maintenance                 roof maintenance

8. Engagement of elders in Income generation activities

In collaboration with the sub city’s small scale business biro EEPA organizes elders who are able to be engaged in business activities. After they are organized, they are given with basic business training. On the whole process the association provides them with transportation fee. Then when they finish the training, the sub city manages to provide them a place up on which they are engaged in business activities of their preference. The association provides them with a seed money for the organized elders and for those who prefer to engage in to business works individually.


9. Celebration of selected holidays

Destitute Elder people in Ethiopia are either abandoned their families in rural areas to escape poverty or lost their children due to various reasons including HIV/ AIDS and other incidences. Moreover, they are inept to afford for celebrating any kinds of holidays resulting from their poor economic condition. Hence, EEPA has a program to celebrate Easter for Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Church believers and Remedan for Muslim believers and in common EEPA colorfully celebrates the International Day of Older People (IDOP).

Celebration of these holidays helped elders to come together regardless of any differences and have recreational moments besides it helped them to forget the feeling of loneliness faced as a result of losing their parents.


                   10. Employment of elders in the association

Elders are engaged in serving the organization as guards, cleaners, home based care givers for those who are weak and ill, and cooker whereby they prepare food for elders in the center.



11. Recreation and visits

Recreation and visitsAt planned times elders spend their time in visiting cultural places, watching films, visiting museums



11.Physical exercise and sport activities

Physical exercise and sport activitiesAs sport activities are useful for every one the association appreciates the engagement of elders in sport activities. For this to happen elders are encouraged to participate in Ethiopian great run and do daily exercises.


12. Recycling

Recycling Based on the issue that things that are considered old and useless have still value. And if we are going to throw used and old things we are likely to do the same on elders. so, to preach this idea, we collect recyclable materials and re use them and also use them as a means of income.


13. Education 

As education has no limit in aging elders in the center are given basic writing and reading skills. This has made a great help to make them able to read and write


14. Volunteering activity

 Volunteers serve the association in different office works and in activities like research works, secretarial service, photo copying, prepare broachers, fliers, organize bazaars as an income for the organization, home based care for elders, tutorial support for children and grand children of elders.


15. Funeral service

Elders get funeral service at the time they pass away without any payment in the church. This has been done by the agreement made with the church community members after discussions are made


Trainings given for the elders

As it is  the associations principle to engage elders in different developmental and in income generating activities, as they are selected based on the criteria set to be beneficiaries, the ones who are abel to be engaged in different income generating activities whether as a group or individually, they are given a basic business creation and entrepreneurship trainings in collaboration with the woreda small scale business biros. And after they are engaged in to their business, they are given trainings on leadership, conflict management, and on value chain strengthening. These trainings are given side to side with the provision of technical supports on their book keeping and saving.

As it is believed to be necessary for their wellbeing, beneficiary elders are given trainings on personal hygiene and proper usage of latrine, on transmit ion and prevention of HIV and AIDS and other timely needed trainings are given