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Keterdadan Charcoal Production Elders Association

Keteredada Charcoal Production Elders Association has a total of 45 members comprised of 38 and 7 older women and men, respectively. 


The older people received trainings that are believed to be vital for their beginning and success.

EEPA brought in experts from concerned district level government offices to provide tailor-made trainings on different topics – health, hygiene and how to manage small-scale business.

The group of 38 older women and 7 older men from the district were given a total loan of 132,000 (USD$ 6769.23)as start-up capital. A working place was secured for the group of older people to begin their endeavour through communications made with the local government officials,r.

Right now the elders are working in shifts where the members have divided into three groups each with fifteen members.

They are highly engaged in producing readymade charcoal or ‘brikets’. They produce 250 ‘brikets’ per day and are sell one ‘bricket’ at a price of ETB 4.00 (USD$ 0.21).

Project Manager of EEPA displays ‘bricket’ explains how they’re made. to‘’ Sania Sani and H.E. Mrs SerawitSileshi from the Institution of the Ombudsman with H.E. Ambassador TirunehZena at the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2014 Workshop in June 2014.

Continuous technical assistance has been provided by the implementing agent, Eneredada Elder People Association and the local government (the working Woreda), this includes market chain facilitation through communicating with different stakeholders.