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Provision of food ration for elders

In the past year 2016/17 100 elders (85 male and 15 females) are given a ration pack consisting of 10kgs of flour, 1litre of oil, 1/4kgs of salt and 1pc of soap each month.

Photo:- Ato Anbesse Gemechu(Age 77), Store kipper and cashier, giving ration for elders

EEPA has been consistently providing such a support to marginalized groups like elders to keep their health in a good situation as well as to maintain their personal hygiene. And on the way the importance of balanced nutrition as well as keeping personal and environmental hygiene were also tried to be aware both for the target groups and their family members.

Photo:- Ato Taddese(Age 87), taking Ration from W/ro Bayush(Age 80)

For your info.

Amount of money to purchase Ration for one person per month 450.00ETB(16.70$) 1$=26.96ETB

For elders daily feeding in the center 300.00ETB(11.13$) 1$=26.96ETB